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City Park are a duo that popped up our radar late last year and have subsequently delivered high quality slow-jam tracks since. With debut “Holding Me High” and follow up single “On My Own“, City Park perfected their signature sound. “Symbolic Love” doesn’t get much better in that sense. Catering to the need for an urban dweller to tune out and indulge in a moment of serenity in an otherwise oversaturated environment. Imagine yourself lying on a lush green lawn on a hot spring day, towards sunset and having “Symbolic Love” playing through the headphones. Just blissful stuff.

Brought to you by alt-R&B producer Saux and Sjaak, City Park embodies the sound that recall a late night impromptu performance in a minuscule, smoke-filled and sweaty venue with the likes of “Peter Gabriel, Blood Orange, Majid Jordan and a hint of Prince dapperness” for good measure.

The band explains a little deeper the meaning of “Symbolic Love”:

“The song is about the special dynamics between two people getting to know each other, the pressures we feel to impress those we’re attracted to.”

Find out more in our previous coverage of City Park and listen to these two brilliant other tracks below on our PASSPORT section.


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