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Here’s a new Super-Band / outfit alert that our pals over at Pause Musicale premiered just this weekend. Just fresh out with their brand new debut single Holding Me High. Saux and Sjaak come forward with a truly beautiful number as their first track together and under the stage name City Park. Nothing much more percolates through though. What you hear is was you get type of situation here. And darn, they don’t disappoint one bit.

City Park are Saux & Sjaak. For fans of a super-powered mutant between the best of Peter Gabriel, Blood Orange, Majid Jordan and a hint of Prince dapperness.

The duo produces powerful electronic indie that is driven by all time classics like Peter Gabriel, Blood Orange and even Prince at times. Bringing the strongest vocals we’ve heard in quite a bit. Not only that, but in this day and age. How you package your art into a compelling body of work is equally important. For lasting visuals, they brought on Jiye Kim and her otherworldly simplistic, minimal approach to painting. Capitalizing on a single color and inspired by the music the pair have put forward.

“Holding Me High” is the first single of their debut EP which will be out November 9th 2018. Keep a close eye. City Park won’t let you down.

Saux & Sjaak form new band City Park.

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