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London duo Two Another have just dropped a new track (we had already posted about them in a previous Cloud Droppings) that would make silk blush. The tune, “Coming Alive”, is more than just a star-aligned execution of premium modern soul – it’s proof that, as nice as sparkly Rhodes piano and slippery basslines are, they’re a whole hell of a lot better when smoothly blended with some rock-solid songwriting.

The grooves here are so infectious, those of you who’ve already had your annual flu shot may need another. Best of all, the cool liquid vibes flowing all throughout “Coming Alive” find their way beyond these four snazzy minutes, spilling over into Another Tape – the group’s fresh nine-track effort. 

Every now and then I smell fire burnin’

It’s like the Earth ain’t turnin’

I’m just everything you wanted me to be

Now I’m just coming alive

Should you find yourself as intoxicated by this one as we are, take it a step further with a cool sip of  “Enter My Life” or “The Night”. Dive into Another Tape. Drown in the vibes…


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