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We’ll always have that horrible gash wide open. An open wound that is extremely difficult to process. More so when you could have been one of these victims. We can all recall where, what and with whom we were that night. When horror struck the streets of Paris, the Bataclan, the Stade De France and Nice’s promenade des Anglais respectively on the 13th of November 2015 and Bastille Day 2016.

A year after the dreadful events, things haven’t changed much out here in Paris. Yes, there’s different approach to concert-going. We all look a lot more attentively at our surroundings, position ourselves closer to an emergency exit, we also really don’t mind being fully searched thoroughly, if it means we get to enjoy a concert like we always want to: peacefully. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Think of what the victims are going through.

We support any kind of gesture that’ll help victims of those terror attacks. That is why we want to shed light upon The Hummingbirds Project. A project started at the beginning of the year and collecting donations to help associative efforts to help those in need of support.

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hummingbirdsprojectDear artists and entertainment professionals,

In November 2015, France suffered deadly terrorist attacks of an unprecedented cowardice and barbarity. We lost friends, children, parents and siblings. Survivors will forever bear the physical and psychological trauma. These attacks do not just leave behind victims facing great difficulties, they tore our social cohesion and undermined our values of solidarity and tolerance. We believe that the cultural and musical community has to respond to the situation and try to provide an answer. This is why The Hummingbirds Project was created.

The Hummingbirds Project, named after a Native-American legend. Once, a hummingbird was trying to extinguish a forest fire by putting water in his beak then dropping it on the flames. When mocked and ridiculed by the other animals, which thought that his efforts would be futile, he simply replied: «at least I am doing my part.»

Our principle is simple: we collect in kind donations like instruments, autographed albums, film claps, paintings, original scripts, costumes, concert tickets, personal items, etc … These items will then be auctioned.

The auction will be structured in two parts. A main event will take place at the Hotel de Ville of Paris, during which a limited number of items selected by experts, will be presented. It will take place late 2016, early 2017. The same day, a sale will open on the internet over a longer period and for anyone to contribute to this initiative by purchasing more affordable items.

The proceeds collected will be distributed this way:

  • Half will be dedicated to associations to help victims (Fenvac, Afvt) and associations of victims (13 Onze 15 Fraternité Vérité, Life For Paris, Promenade Des Anges). Their goal is to help victims cope with psychological, administrative and social difficulties. Today these associations are desperately lacking funds.
  • The other half of the proceeds will finance civic projects, solidarity and promote citizen dialogue to repair the fractures present since the attacks. Following a call for projects, a professional committee will select projects in this direction.

We need your help to collect the most donations possible and thus create an attractive catalog that will inspire the greatest possible generosity from buyers. You can contact our team now so we can help you think and organize your donation contact@thehummingbirdsproject.org.

Please feel free to forward this information to your friends, artists, cultural professionals, journalists, socialites and media professionals for their contribution and maximum media coverage.

We are at your disposal for any additional information about our project. Your support is essential to its success. Thank you in advance.

The Hummingbirds Project «Everyone can do their part.»

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