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Sundaze #111 is upon us. We have a real busy week ahead with plenty to talk about, plenty to see. Starting off tomorrow with a special gig, Wednesday with Cléa Vincent’s release party, and Thursday onwards we might just set up shop at The Pitchfork Music festival for 4 days, who knows… In the meantime, please help yourselves with this superb edition of our Sundaze Playlist. Albeit, published on a Monday. But nonetheless it’s full of great dollops of awesomeness. Free as always. Make sure you share around.

The artwork was designed by Paul Grelet . We thank him again, and like every week, we cannot push you enough to give his portfolio a visit. He’s a ol’friend of ours and a great artist all round. We think highly of his work and friendship. So go forth and check his work out.

Either download the .ZIP file, listen/stream each track individually below, or even download ONE track or many by “right-clicking” then “saving target as” as you hover over the track list below… A normal click on a given track will play /stream it.

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Sundaze #111

[button content=”DOWNLOAD SUNDAZE #111″ color=”yellow” text=”black” url=”http://www10.zippyshare.com/v/44570654/file.html” openin=”_blank”]

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