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Lake District, UKWe’ve been on the edge of our chair, getting itchy, awaiting the release of this ‘Human’ EP by Aquilo. The duo from Silverdale in the heart of the beautiful Lake District in the United Kingdom. Formed by Tom and Ben, two young musicians in their late teens (still) churning out some rather blissful tunes, have already won over a large number of hearts and are embarking the rest of the people they haven’t converted yet with this new offering.

They keep the same recipe. With ethereal soundscapes that recall where they come from : vast landscapes, challenging weather, specially at this time of year, add those delicate vocals atop a carefully produced track and you’ve got the perfect metaphor of a calm lake (or Loch) with mist gently hovering above the water and the warmth of a winter sunset coming through. That’s what the EP as a whole sounds like. A beautiful trip through the english countryside. That’s how I imagine the journey, sorry guys, you’ll have to hear it to have visions.

But today, AQUILO release ‘Human’ (above) the second track from the second EP , ‘Human’ produced by SOHN out December 8th via B3SCI and it will just blow your mind. SOHN plays a big role here, adding depth to the minimal approach of the pair. And thickens the plot adding that dramatic touch only he can bring to the picture. We already posted about “I Gave It All”, the first track they dropped from that second EP and we’re very enthusiastic about the whole shenanigans. We expect Aquilo will tour extensively on both sides of the pond. And their career is only just starting. So, there’s only one thing left to do : spin both tracks, get acquainted with their sound. These guys are here to stay.

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