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Back in March, we introduced the work of a 19 year old known as Shamir, from Las Vegas in the United States, he had dropped a quality EP via GODMODE and we wrote :

Shamir Bailey is a 19-year-old musician, singer, rapper, twerker and belts out some wonderful notes and does it in such a way you’d feel compelled, nearly challenged not to shake your hips and wonder what you’ve been up to at his age. And by song’s end, gasp in ultimate jealousy for not having his talent.

Today though – and as a newly signed artist with XL Recordings – he released a brand new video to illustrate the track “On The Regular” out now with our longtime favorite label of course. And it’s a good introduction to what he sounds like. Very disco/queer/hip-hop/DFA if that gives you any clue at all. But all you got to understand is that Shamir friggin’ rocks : the stuff he pulls together is DOPENESS… We can’t help but think he’s the greatest answer to the once debacle that was the AzeliaGate vs XL. Great counter attack. Can’t wait to hear more. And you should give that video a peek.

Buy ‘On The Regular’ out now on iTunes.

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