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What the heck were you up to at nineteen ? Well, this guy from Las Vegas is most certainly spearheading the new wave of makers of a brilliant disco / house, nu-disco revival “à la DFA” (NYC uber-label). He has dropped two brilliantly crafted tracks via GODMODE (Nick Sylvester) to date and has been getting serious attention since then. Stop whatever you’re up to, and spin his tunes right now…

Shamir Bailey is a 19-year-old musician, singer, rapper, twerker and belts out some wonderful notes and does it in such a way you’d feel compelled, nearly challenged not to shake your hips and wonder what you’ve been up to at his age. And by song’s end, gasp in ultimate jealousy for not having his talent. ‘If It Wasn’t True’ is released on GODMODE with ‘I’ll Never Be Able To Love’.

For the less optimistic of you guys, Shamir has got some accolades by no other than P4K, Nialler9 and many others around the interwebs. If his tunes haven’t converted you yet…

You will also appreciate the Gospel approach of his voice while you listen to this track below :

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