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Hey dudes, dudettes! Fancy a little footwork inducing housey track ? You Like Shamir‘s voice ? Here’s Mugwump‘s single “Until You’re Worth It”. It’s preceding the debut album titled “Unspell” out March 22nd 2015 via !K7.

“Until You’re Worth It” is an interesting track for the statement it makes to the future of the Belgium born DJ, featuring Prince-like vocals from Norwegian disco legend Päl Nyhus who is usually seen fronting in Mungolian Jetset. Mugwump delivers a real captivating track and has us wanting more by the end of it. It’s as much Funk and pop as it is full on house or club sound. We see a bridge being crossed here towards modern pop.

Belgian DJ and producer from Brussels, Geoffroy Mugwump prepares for the release of his debut album next March, dropping on his own Subfield label and features some rather impressive collaborations, check out the tracklist below and be sure to listen to “Until You’re Worth It” above.

[title maintitle=”Tracklist” subtitle=”Unspell – out March 22nd “]
  1. AFTER THEY FALL feat. Circlesquare
  2. DOOBIE SHINE TROUBLE feat. Raphael Lee
  3. HALO featuring Luke Jenner, ex-The Rapture
  6. UNTIL YOU’RE WORTH IT feat. Mungolian Jet Set + Ost & Kjex
  7. BREAKDOWN feat. Sami “Morpheus” Birnbach
  9. SCHOOL’S OUT feat. Von Spa

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