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Pink and purple neon lights reflecting off the mirrored black visors of space helmets that would make Daft Punk jealous. Cruising down a midnight road led by the Xenon headlamps of a fresh-as-hell new BMW. That’s the aesthetic blackwave. is laying down on their new video “Swangin'”, and that’s before even turning the volume up.

Half Antwerp producer Willem Ardui and half rapper Jay Walker, blackwave. is frankly on some other shit. With plenty of old-school influence from the likes of The Roots and Mos Def, pure head-nodding groove shines through on “Swangin'” as if it’s second nature for the duo. The smooth samples slip perfectly into the bounding 808’s, as Jay’s flows fearlessly catapult over both, making for a bass-heavy car stereo’s wet dream.

Lemme swang
Just gotta lemme do my thang

Take a trip to space with blackwave. on this new video, and keep a close eye on what’s next. We’ll be doing the same.

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