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Future beats hasn’t been my strongest side in music lately, I’ll admit. Yet, when Firenze-born but London delving singer-songwriter-producer Marina Zazzeri also known as Le Marina sent us this original material we immediately felt drawn to it. Like the smart-cover and an iPad magnet meeting together in perfect harmony. We felt as we connected instantly and couldn’t resist sharing the find with you guys. The track will undoubtedly bring back memories of Kelly Lee Owens and Jessy Lanza to mind. (listen below)

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Le Marina bursts onto our radar from London where she relocated from Firenze (Italy) and impresses us with a first taste at producing, songwriting and singing on “EgoMachine”. Depicting the constant battle between a real-life persona and it’s virtual, cyber-equivalent. Usually, the latter being a little more flamboyant and outspoken than the IRL (In Real Life) ego. We have found the track to be absolutely mesmerizing and a perfect fit for our time and the meme-driven-amazon-worshipping Millennials that we’ve all become. Especially in the second half where the track finally comes together and truly delivers in the production details as well as the overall songwriting performance on hand.

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