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Grand Blanc is another of these highly active French bands we couldn’t ignore. The guys at Grand Blanc follow Moodoïd closely in their footsteps, albeit with a darker, colder eastern approach to their music. You will absolutely dig their video too for “Degré Zéro”.

The band originates from the land where tall cathedrals are built next to blast furnaces. Where crossing borders didn’t take too long if you took the motorway. Where people used to listen to Bashung (a French singer/songwriter) in the 80’s, when France rocked Joy Division t-shirts. Grand Blanc comes from the deep eastern rurality of France, where French talked little literature, a lot about music, where Saturdays were spent praying for a good gig in town that night, where we would head to the football stadium, and pray again for a goal (either side you were on, really didn’t matter). From where you’d head for the bar, rather than going to Church. Some of us wanted to go head first in those furnaces, others wanted to end up in the Cathedrals.

The band released their first self-titled Grand Blanc EP on September 22nd at l’International to great fan/industry profesh acclaim. No doubt Grand Blanc will cover more ground over the next few months. Hopefully even go beyond borders and end up in places like The Great Escape Festival in Brighton next year or even, let’s be uber optimistic here and call for Glastonbury.

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[title maintitle=”TOUR DATES” subtitle=”French tour for now, expect more next year.”]

Here are some Tour Dates for you so far. They’ll be touring extensively so there’s no excuses.

  • 24/09 @ Release party – L’International – Paris
  • 27/09 @ Coopérative de Mai – Clermont Ferrand
  • 28/09 @ Petit Bain – Paris
  • 13/10 @ Nancy Jazz Pulsations – Nancy
  • 08/11 @ La cave à musique – Macon
  • 14/11 @ Théâtre de Poche – Béthune
  • 18/11 @ Picardie Mouv’ – Chauny
  • 05/12 @ Transmusicales – Rennes
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[title maintitle=”GRAND BLANC LIVE” subtitle=”Samedi La Nuit @ Monte Le Son”]

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