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Friday’s are release days in the music industry. And today, coming by way of Berlin, drops a brand new EP we’ve been on the fence for quite a while now. Melis unleashes her new ‘Undercurrent’ EP alongside the brand new single “Falling Into Place” brilliantly produced by Henry Green.

Melis previously shared the tracks “Waves” and “Piece Of Your Heart” to critical acclaim and avid fans around the world. Re-establishing her famous signature vocal timbre on the scene as if she never left. With origins rooted in Istanbul (Turkey), but brought up in Prague (Poland) and finally settling in Berlin (Germany). The singer-songwriter really stands out with her crystalline, silky and shiver inducing vocals over the sincere lyrical composition with certain influences from contemporaries out there like Julia Michaels, Fiona Apple or Gwilym Gold. The final result makes for a unique blend of textures that only Melis can properly deliver.

Truth is in the details. Check out the latest track “Falling Into Place” for a juicy appetizer. Melis grabs your hand, leads you where she knows best. She completes the scene with gentle vocals and minimalistic pads and drum arrangements…

“I feel like each of these tracks are different and have their own vibe but that there was an ‘Undercurrent’ flowing through all of them and connecting them. In water terms, an undercurrent is something that flows underneath the surface – independently from the stream. Since I started making music at 16 years old, I’ve always had an individual style of writing and disregarded a lot of suggestions and opinions along the way. I poured my heart out on this EP and I’m extremely proud of what I’ve achieved this far.”

Melis on the EP

‘Undercurrent’ EP

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Out May 10th.

Watch “Waves” video:

Watch “Piece Of Your Heart” video:

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