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From Nantes, western France, comes an electronica, trip-hop and soulful trio. Scheeba is another classic example of how French artists are fast becoming, or maybe are already spearheading the hybrid genres and populating the global charts.

After evolving in various styles of music, members of Scheeba decide to head for a more personal direction for their project. Mixing electronic music with acoustic instruments. The result is a delicate blend of strong underlying of rhythmic percussions and electronic bass with a constant flow of acoustic instruments like the brass sections of the keys. Everything is of course topped by the soulful, silky voice of Djéla. It’s clearly influenced by Bristol’s Trip-Hop scene, and hints of bass music to round these edges ever so nicely. We can’t help but think of a Mazzy Star-Glorybox-Massive Attack mutant here. Let’s see how they pan out in the future weeks.

Scheeba‘s debut album “Queen Of Scheeba” is now available in multiple formats, including digital : HERE (name your price…)

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