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Sodwee will broadcast in the future via mixlr.com

OFF AIR !I just came of the air a minute ago after my first marathon broadcast of an hour and half. Ok guys, be indulgent here, it is my first ever “truly” live broadcast with absolutely no script or any direction what so ever. I just needed to get a hang of the whole setup etc etc. Playing the music is the easiest part. Talking in between is the hardest. I do not know how the “real” hosts do it, and by the way, still am amazed at how much stuff they could blabber out so many words and still have the perfect transition in place ! Probably having a co-host is a better start too ! I’m Uber-glad though at the at the audience I got. Albeit the website being totally/practically unknown as of today. Being a Beta version and closed too! But is should open to the public on the 2nd of December

Anyway ! Once it open on the second of december, I would love to have you Tune in the next Live! Broadcast and leave a comment or even pick a song for me to play !

For now you could listen to the past show :

Sodwee is ON AIR right now !

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