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There’s an inherent similarity between the process of capturing images on film and the mechanisms of human memory. The things being watched are recorded through how they physically change the thing watching, so that playing it back – whether a memory or a film – means wearing it out, little by little.

Everything about Melis’s latest, “Waves”, feels like a well broken-in memory, with every piece of the creative process ensuring it ended up that way. The video was shot on 16mm film, and sees a sleet-tinged Prague inhabited by vignettes meant to evoke her distant feelings of growing up there. The song itself tackles themes of a love-hate relationship (whether it be with a person or a city) and manages to sneak a world-class Top 40 chorus melody into a sorrowful indie-pop ballad.

I wish that I was wrong

Made a bad mistake

Back and forth like waves

You keep pushing me away

Since her first appearance, Melis has been unable to do any wrong in the eyes of the music blogging world. With the way things are going, it shouldn’t be long before you can take out the words “music blogging”. Keep an ear out for her upcoming EP, Undercurrent.


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