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This was our first submission for #5tracks project in partnership with our good friends over at Whyd.com and we’re proud to launch and share with you all of those mini-playlists with you. But before we go on, we can only strongly suggest/recommend you get yourself an account going with Whyd as you’ll be able to share the great musical dollops we’re about to unfold with the great community this little Parisian startup as managed to gather under one cosy roof : So go ahead, and join us, share, Tweet and update your Facebook statuses as you go along. They have brilliant embedable tools/widgets for avid bloggers and website owners alike. Fancy one of those simple but yet, oh so effective playlist player for your site / blog… you know what to be doing next : signup!.


FUN FACT / DID YOU KNOW : The tattoo on one of the girls back shoulder in the Metronomy video of ‘She Wants’ was designed and executed by Paul Grelet himself, our good friend and Sundaze Cover designer !


Track One / Love :
The singing and great beat and sounds make this slow song very emotional. great for making love and sensual movement. The trancelike melody is very slow and mesmerizing.
Track Two / Breakup :
The great beat, but monotone singing is a very fantastic combination. The great lyrics also add to the feeling this song brings to the listener. This song is definitely perfect to break up to, because it has a marvelous array of sound and beat.
Track Three / Dance :
This song is amazing in every aspect. This is the type of song that makes you feel as though you are floating away, in a trance of happiness. The perfect beat and beautiful singing in this song make you want to spin and dance the night away.
Track Four / Travel :
Genesis by Grimes has a great sound. this track enters you in a hypnotizing happiness, which is great for traveling and seeing the world with pure euphoria and attitude.
Track Five / Sleep :
The beautiful and chill beat create a perfect ambiance for relaxation and satisfaction. The singing is very soft and echoing, allowing the highest form of relaxation.

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