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A song born out of a Saturday night-in, “HAIRDYE” marks the arrival of Australian artist Akurei’s new EP by the same name. With an easy vibe, a cosily raw feel, and some truly great melodies, “HAIRDYE” colourfully hits the spot.

About his new EP, Akurei said, “For the most part, these songs were written and explored on guitar before they hit the Ableton session which I found really refreshing”. An organic songwriting process always seems to translate into an organic song, and “HAIRDYE” is no exception. There’s beautiful cloudiness about the production that pairs with a deceivingly heartsore vocal performance to form a perfect blend. And, while lyricism can so often fall to the wayside in catchy tracks, Akurei outdoes himself here with words that poetically, perfectly capture that forlorn look he seems to be giving on the cover of this EP.

Traced my tattoos with your fingertips
Held it in between my lips
It’s not for you

The EP is out now on sumoclic, and is well worth a spin if you find yourself connecting with the vibes emanating from “HAIRDYE”. Settle in for your own night in and give this one a spin.

Akurei - Hairdye EP now available

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