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We’re not experts in the Americana field per se. However, we can recognise a smooth, gritty and well-produced track when we hear one.

Bad Flamingo comes through like the shining example here with their newest single “Bottom Shelf Gin”. They are an American duo with some witty lyrics and a sound that resonates with my rock’n’roll / Jack White-esque love for that specific genre of music. Bad Flamingo checks all the right boxes one after the other in my humble little opinion.

They had already hit home with a previous track we discovered titled “Fire” that we had prominently put forward in our Valentine’s Day Special Mixtape (play from 18:03) :

Today, it’s with “Bottom Shelf Gin” that we formally introduce you to this dynamic duo with quite the attitude and steady output, check their new track out and tell me you love it in the comment section. Indulge in the bluesy, local desert dive sound you’ll no doubt love. I have visions of Tarantino movies constantly popping-up throughout my listens here, of course not helped by the lingering Sitar on hand here. But that may well just be me hallucinating on the said “Bottom Shelf Gin”.


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