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Freshly baked and ready to impress. Enjoy this selection. Don’t forget to like, comment, repost and favourite on Mixcloud. Let us know your favourite track in the comment section below… This mixtape is best heard with a set of headphones or earbuds, via Mixcloud

Tracklist for Mixtape Eighty-Two:

  • INTRO 0:00
  • Travis Scott – The Plan 0:34
  • Seeyousoon – Steamy 03:02
  • Tkay Maidza – PB Jam 06:28
  • Fabiana Palladino – Waiting 10:04
  • Spill Tab – Cotton Candy 13:06
  • Colby Lafayette – Get It With Me 14:47
  • ViVii – Summer Of 99 17:25
  • Foushée – Deep End 22:24
  • Goodnight Goodbye – Smoothie 24:43
  • Glass Animals – Space Ghost Coast To Coast 27:57
  • Sad Night Dynamite – Icy Violence 30:51
Mixtape 82 cover art
Mixtape 82 Cover

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