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Summer Of 99″ is a brand new, stellar track from Swedish darlings ViVii, whom we introduced a while back with their debut track “Siv (You & I)”. The brand new title track “Summer Of 99” from their forthcoming second album will be released on August 26th via Dumont Dumont (who also happen to cater for Charlie Cunningham, RY X and Josin to name a few).

With the signature vocals and the sounds we have come to expect from the Swedish trio ViVii – made of Emil and Caroline Jonsson and Anders Eckeborn – it’s no surprise this new single feels like a fresh breeze wafting through scented linen hanging to dry. It’s a beauty in lightness and brings that ethereal fix you were looking for lately. Dream-pop made to perfection here.

ViVii says about the track :

From the green meadows to the big city roller coaster rides of our so-called lives.

Speaking on the process and the time it took to drop new material :

It took ages, we were so slow before, but once we met Anders it became easy – we are all slow workers individually but together it’s beautiful. It’s always so natural.

Make sure you follow ViVii around on socials and keep a close eye on their tour schedule. They’ll most likely come by your hometown sooner rather than later.


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