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When Swedish dream-pop trio ViVii landed a track in my queue of submissions. I started playing their debut single “Siv (You and I)” after a long session and immediately felt a warm fuzzy butterfly feeling running right through. Unable to pinpoint why, I swiftly got into the track in more detail and it went directly into my approved tracks for me to share on the blog.

Debut single ‘Siv (You and I)’ by ViVii  is out now on Swedish independent label Dumont DumontViVii are also planning on releasing their debut EP in late May.

‘Siv (You & I)’ is dedicated to a special figure in the lives of Emil and Caroline:

We had this babysitter called Siv who looked after our kids for quite some while, but she passed away two years ago. She had an old zither she played in the church, and when she passed she left it to us. This is the first song we wrote on that zither – that’s why it’s called ‘Siv (You & I)’. It’s a hymn for her.

A Zither

Hailing from Gothenburg (Sweden), ViVii is a three members affair made up of Emil and Caroline Jonsson and enigmatic Anders Eckeborn the producer, whom Emil explains “doesn’t like the limelight at all…”. With Emil and Caroline’s parenthood well underway and with a life structured around their kids, they had the creative energy to get an album out of it. “Siv (You and I)” is their first foray into their EP and a great one at that. The instrumental here a production is key. Elevating the track in the best possible light, driven by the Zither, and great arrangements. Topped off by the gentle reverberating vocal duet. The song a gem. Akin to Lykke-li’s efforts. They were also inspired by old vinyl records found at their grandparents hymns from church, indie-pop jewels, classical opuses and gospel choirs.

Listen instead to ViVii‘s debut single below. Share it around and follow them on socials for more up-to-date information…

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