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Based out of Portland, OR. Kidd Bayou surprises us with a compelling debut LP “Sticky Stars” and the fantastically well put together debut single “Gold”. Created by Chicago native Joey Colando and Oregonian Luke Hall have extensive musical background and credentials to support their newest endeavour with Kidd Bayou. Their mutual influences, which include Death Cab For Cutie, The Shins, Wilco, and Elliott Smith.

The first single off their album “Sticky Stars” is titled “Gold”. Kidd Bayou touches upon topics of frustration and distant hope while the instrumentation really support those feelings. It’s mostly light, folky at times and filled with quiet underlying anxiety. The linear beat, direct in nature, brings intensity to the track that never really leaves after that. Top that off with mastered lyrics, and a vocal delivery and production to match, you have yourself a great track you’d want to have on repeat in those down moments everybody has at one point or another.  Check out Kidd Bayou’s new single, “Gold,” out now (above) and the full album “Sticky Stars” below via Bandcamp…

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