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Frankfurt-based neo-wave band NEWMEN release ‘Delay‘ today! A brand new track after we covered their fantastic single “Debbie Harry” a while back. This is the first track off their upcoming full-length LP “SOFT WARE” due out May 4th, 2018. The song is a slow burner. It takes you round unexpected alley ways, unforgivingly gentle in its approach. Then hammering down a colorful overload of synths and electronic elements after a minimalistic crescendo introduction. Topping off the track with a quiet finale and smooth vocals. It’s a complex effort, yet remains effective and criminally straight forward in the delivery.

I just want to be adored
I’m close to the cold colors

NEWMEN are gearing up to release their debut LP “SOFT WARE” on May 4th via Ferryhouse. Listen to “Delay” below.

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