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There’s a uber-mega-super-hit lurking on the horizon here. Little Rock, Arkansas based duo Joan have just released their power-mellow love ballad titled “I Loved You First” touching on unrequited love from your crush. About that ghastly moment when you realise your crush likes your friend. And I bet we can all relate. Add an impressive mid-track gargantuan guitar solo that will bring back flashes of Prince-ish live Superball Half-Time Show highlights and propel this duo to newfound stardom. And to be brutally honest. I assume we’ve all been through the same situations.

This isn’t their first foray into the genre. Just listening to their previous hit “Tokyo” and the track they debuted with. It was no doubt the pair comprised of Alan Thomas and Steven Rutherford would rise quicker, steadier, bigger, bolder, and smarter with each release. Now, the real question is what come after this ? We certainly can’t wait to find out.

You keep runnin’ away when I need you most
Runnin’ away when I get too close
My heart is full, but yours is running out…

Alan offers some insight on the writing process of the track:

I went through a relationship with this girl, I thought she was the one for me. right when I started falling for her, though, she started feeling really distant. I still had crazy feelings for her, but it turned out that she had feelings for Brandon the whole time. this one is for you, Brandon.

The whole package is loveable. You can’t deny the 90’s induced throwback and the dripping of songwriting, and lyrical genius behind this track and the previous efforts. That’s why we tagged them #BESTNEWMUSIC ! Listen instead:

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