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Five new tracks that have instantly caught our attention lately. There’s music for all tastes today in our Cloud Droppings #SPRING edition. Discover, like and share around with your friends. Make sure you also follow these artists as they update their socials often.

[title maintitle=”CLOUD DROPPINGS” subtitle=”The 5 tracks we just couldn’t leave behind”] [tabgroup layout=”vertical”] [tab title=”FHR + PATAWAWA”]

“Combining the brilliant minds of French Horn Rebellion and Patawawa, we get a sonic landscape that sounds like a discotheque slammed straight into a lush tropical getaway.” via KICK KICK SNARE[/tab] [tab title=”GLINTS”]

“Bugatti! Bugatti! Bugatti!”. Hold on tight, it’s a fast and furious ride. Replete with dizzying production and unpredictable transitions, “Bugatti” is an infectious banger but most and foremost “a really fucking bad trip”. via Highclouds
[/tab] [tab title=”RAVAGES”]

Le reboot existe-t-il dans la musique ? Cette envie de remise à neuf, de nouveauté et d’exploration sans limite a dû titiller les deux membres de Ravages. Échappés de Exsonvaldes, quatuor pop qui a sorti quatre albums et connu son heure de gloire en Espagne notamment, Simon et Martin ont finalement troqué les guitares pour les synthés, toujours dans la pop mais vers d’autres horizons, plus personnels, davantage guidés par un amour de la science fiction, quelle soit littéraire (le groupe tire son nom d’un roman de René Barjavel) ou cinématographique. via La Vague Parallèle
[/tab] [tab title=”MATTIS”]

“Into The Night” is a stripped-back snippet of electronic soul that seems gentle and inviting at first, but booms in with a menacing bass at the choruses that echoes the pain and darkness that lie at the heart of the track.. via Line Of Best Fit.
[/tab] [tab title=”OBERON ROSE”]

“No Stranger” is a bit of a retro track, with a 70s feel to it. Oberon’s vocals are accompanied by the the evident talent of his band. If Oberon Rose has got one thing down, it’s teamwork – you can tell how well all the members play together from the first notes. “No Stranger” is just a bop, period. via Imperfect Fifth.
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