Patawawa’s Patagonia is the best hangover cure you could wish for – #BESTNEWMUSIC


Happy New Year!

Have a spectacular 2018!

Since 2018 hasn’t quite sunk in just yet, I thought I’d cure your hangover in less than it takes to listen to this dance floor ready number by British trio Patawawa. If the name alone hasn’t cracked a smile or a cheeky grin upon your grey, tired and somewhat unfit New Year’s Eve hangover state (just like mine) then I really can’t help you any further. However, if you smirked at the name you’re potentially in for a treat. Hit play on the first single “Patagonia” off their upcoming debut EP titled Bedroom that is slotted for release on the January 26th via French imprint Splinter.

The track itself is a generous slice of some rare breed of pick-me-upper piece of infectious music fit to send you off in the best of moods while you get ready for a Monday at the office. It’s called bedroom-disco for a reason. And the band Patawawa (made of Rory Lovatt, Sam Wilmot and Beth Garrett), channels every last drop of the cream of the crop when it comes to disco/pop/indie with a modern twist. Add to that the precious help of French producer Tez Cadey on their past track “Ivory” sent them flying towards international success.

Wake up! It’s 2018, and you shouldn’t miss out on this Patawawa gold. In fact we’ll tag it #BESTNEWMUSIC ! Listen instead:


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Last modified: August 25, 2018

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