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This North London 3-piece comes across as like it has been roaming the British music scene for ages, crafting a signature sound all that time that is so mature and so confident in its delivery that you wouldn’t think twice. Home For Joy has, in fact, released “Some Nerve” as their debut track only yesterday.

Inspired by US hip-hop, having grown on the elixir for most of their young lives, as well as a good dose of British indie bands. Home For Joy deliver a punch with “Some Nerve”, bringing in some elements of Chance The Rapper and Damon Albarn’s swagger. A different take on the traditional squishy-rosy love song with incisive lyrics to cut through with a welcome alternative narrative.

I brought you some juice, cos you looked thirsty
Now he’s old news and you wanna be my headlines

Of the release Caan said:

“This song is about an ex with the audacity to want back in after her new man is dead beat ting, and my new girl is 10/10.  She’s got some nerve”

Home For Joy will be releasing an EP on October 9 via rising label Sweat Entertainment. Mark your calendars I say.

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