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From the good ol’ US of A comes two golden track nuggets, out of nowhere. In the name of LANY, there’s absolutely nicht – nada – nuthin’ regarding their online profile or background but we can’t help but think we have a future major act in front of us, whether singer-songwriter, or a full band at this point in time we just don’t know.

After further digging, we managed to track down one of the band members who roams by the name of Paul Klein and has this to say about his involvement in LANY (also thinking of some kind of Los Angeles – New York collab’ inspired the band name… our 2 cent):

i’m in band called LANY with some of my best friends in the whole world – which is actually all i’ve ever really wanted in life – and we released our first two tracks today: “hot lights” and “walk away.

However we think of some sort of US version of Jungle that went über-viral earlier this year… Rest assured, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the awesome unfolding. In the meantime, make sure you guys follow the Soundcloud profile and Twitter account for updates and new tracks. Discovered and unearthed by our friends over at Selfblown.co.uk of course. These guys have some serious tips-taste. So give’em some credit too.

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We also came across this #VSCOhumans video with the track Hot Lights as soundtrack…

Buy the single here.

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Follow LANY on : Soundcloud | Twitter

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