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We don’t routinely post hip-hop here, only a few standout tracks, mixtapes or EPs make it to the frontpage. But we were sent this very clever alternative blend of crazy beats, with a Pink Floyd intro, and some witty, fun and totally 90’s video portraying young collective Thee Nine Three from Hoboken, NJ in the United States.

So, Hoboken holds around fifty thousand dwellers, lies on the west bank of the Hudson River between Weehawken and Union City to the north and Jersey City to the south and west. Directly across the Hudson River are the Manhattan, NYC neighborhoods of West Village and Chelsea.. Hoboken is also the location of the first recorded game of baseball and of the Stevens Institute of Technology, one of the oldest technological universities in the United States. With that history and geography lecture checked off the list. I can introduce you to Thee Nine Three. They sent an email last night and I didn’t expect much from their second track “Pink Break”.

But after multiple plays and serious head-bopping on my part, I was convinced they had something to offer. So there I am, very much decided to publish some words on the collective. Whom ever intros their track with some Pink Floyd – “Another Brick In The Wall” sample no less – is in for some serious attention on my part. Thee Nine Three passes with flying colors as the instrumental, the different flows involved and even the DIY video are real cleverly blended together. Not to mention the infectious chorus gets you singing along easily. Listen to “Pink Break”, above, our favorite track of the two they’ve posted so far on Soundcloud. And follow them on their social profiles (all the details are below the video)…

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