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We certainly never heard of Mokina‘s previous music. Namely, her impressive debut track “Landline” (listen below in the PASSPORT section). As soft, mellow and crooning-esque the track may come across. It’s Mokina‘s voice that sets the tone here. Ring, Ring, Ring / Tell me when you’re gonna call me. The lyrics easily linger on and leave the right impression.

The singer-songwriter from Montréal (Quebec) is making a name for herself amongst the busy music scene that seems to come out of the capital. We recently uncovered Ivytide also from Montréal and were pleasantly surprised at how good these acts are all together. 

Today, Mokina reveals the second track from her early solo career. It’s titled “Kawaii” and comes as another great little number that will easily have you sing along, have you taking selfies (with the cutest victory-hand signs) in photo booths near you, print the cutest stickers and have them decorate your bedroom or said pictures you printed out in less time it takes to type Kawaii in your favourite search engine.

Make sure you keep the closest eye to Mokina’s output in the coming weeks. And by all means, if you can catch her live in Montréal and report the gig to us. We’d be glad to hear. All her socials are linked below… Follow, lick, like and share around.


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