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It’s about time independence got Romanticized like this. Brooklyn-based producer/singer mothica just released a new track that’s as catchy as a love song and more addicting than an anthem hit. The song has only been out for one day and it’s already well over 10,000 plays. It’s safe to say that the numbers are not wrong here.

“No One” is dark, fresh and full of electricity, but what puts “No One” a step above the rest is mothica‘s gentle portrayal of self-affirmation. “No One” isn’t a song for others as much as it is for the listener themselves. If you need a confidence boost, a little push in the right direction towards liberty, this track is it. Excuse us while we soak up in the honey of mothica‘s voice and reemerge loving ourselves.

Watch out for mothica‘s EP “Mythic,” coming very, very, soon.

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