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Dig deeper and you’ll find some real amazing French tracks. A Life in a Track (French music blog) has uncovered a beautiful one yesterday. And surprisingly Nina Terry, stage name TERRY has taken the time to write to us too. Clearly inspired by the French underground 80’s pop. She writes all the songs, mixes and produces. Terry relies on modern, ‘of our time’, methods to deliver some truly brilliant lighthearted tracks. A little like a friend of hers, I’m sure, another french national called Cléa Vincent. Spin “Culture France”, another very timely release in our times… The track depicts french youth at it’s best. And  please take a few minutes to listen to the rest of her quality soundcloud profile… It’s artist like Terry that make me proud of being French. Artists like her are the best for our future ! Embrace her music. It could easely become a whole Generation’s (BATACLAN/Y/millenials) anthem :

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