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Nina Luna has just released her newest single ‘String’, it follows on from ‘Blaze’ – the debut single under her new name. Both tracks present a departure from Nina’s previous records; delving deeper into an electronic soundscape peppered with synths, sampled drums and expansive vocals. I had a chat with the Los Angeles based songstress to find out more about her new direction:

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Interview and introduction by Lex Low.
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Hey Nina, String is a slight departure from the sound that has come before. What spurred that decision?

When I started working on String, as well as Blaze, I wasn’t really sure what the final sound was going to be and I just let it go in the direction that felt the most natural. I think that’s why it has a different feel from Blaze and the other music I was working on at the time, in my mind each track was it’s own world and had its own distinct character. I’m still trying to find a sound that feels like the exact right fit for me so it’s a bit of trial and error. I’m close but not there yet.

Los Angeles is teeming with great alt-pop at the moment, who are some of your faves?

It is! My favorite at the moment is Billy Eilish- I love her voice and writing and Bellyache is such a cool mix of musical influences that just feels badass. I also like Luna Shadows, I listened to her EP quite a bit last fall.

I’ve had the pleasure of writing with you, who else are you working with at the moment?

Well I’m just starting to write a bunch of new songs and that’s solo work. I do enjoy collaborating but when I really need to get stuff off my chest I have to do that writing on my own.

What are you hoping 2017 will bring for you?

I’d like to introduce more people to my music and also keep writing and recording and releasing music that is better than anything I’ve done before. It would be amazing to release music that I feel fully represents me and my heart and soul as an artist and is the very best it can be, while resonating with a huge group of people. That’s the goal.

How can people support you, online or otherwise?

Listen to my music and share it! Follow Nina Luna on Soundcloud and Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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