[New Music] Louis Futon – Surreal (feat. RKCB)

Louis Futon - Surreal - Featuring RKCB - Sodwee.com

Get your stank face ready for the latest from Philadelphia producer Louis Futon. The track, “Surreal”, enlists some masterful vocal help from the duo RKCB, and is as unrelentingly groovy as it is lush and melodic.

According to Louis, “[‘Surreal’]’s my favorite song I’ve made to date”, with his collaborators adding, “It makes us feel almost out of control, yet entirely present and so in love with the moment”. The headspace of this track is definitely somewhere between that sense of controlled chaos and the soothing sensation of lucid immediacy – brought to life by the captivating shuffle laid down by Louis and the RKCB‘s spacious sea of vocals lying overtop.

I want you to feel surreal

Not sure if the future holds any further collaboration between these clearly kindred spirits, but I can certainly hope it does. In the meantime, keep an ear out for more beats and bootlegs from Louis Futon, and be sure not to miss RKCB‘s upcoming track, “Elevated”.


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