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MAU, a Portuguese band from Lisbon, quite the act in their country for sedating their audience with awesome Electro-pop. Pretty much on the ball since 2006 and releasing a steady string of three LP’s amongst a hand full of remixes for the likes of Foster The People, We Trust, Chromeo and others… They have today delivered a brilliant reworking of Los Angeles based Leitbur‘s “Think Of Tomorrow”…

Leitbur – Think of Tomorrow (MAU REMIX) [audio:https://sodwee.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Think-of-Tomorrow-MAU-REMIX.mp3]

It gets real creative, adding a percussion facelift to the intro, and some inspired moments along the way. MAU managed to keep the original vocals, a slight GRANDEUR to the track, which ends up with a second mind-blowing build. To put it simply. Great skills, fo’ sho.

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