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L I M - Rushing Guy
directed by Giorgio Calace and Karol Sudolski
First track off her upcoming EP, "Higher Living".

It doesn’t get more hypnotizing than L I M’s Rushing Guy video, does it!? It’s a beautifully put together 3D/morphing masterpiece that will twist your vision and turn it upside, and then down. Directed by Giorgio Calace and Karol Sudolski for Sofia Gallotti, a.k.a. L I M’s first taste off her upcoming EP ” Higher Living”.

We also couldn’t pass the opportunity to add a selection of great tracks below. Tracks that have been sent in to us or just grazed off Soundcloud, or seen popping up on the radar over at HumanHuman. Tracks that are well worth your time and extra attention. Give them some TLC, you won’t regret hitting play on all of them… Also new from now, on, time-permitting, we’ll highlight one-liners from blogger friends on these tracks if available, so you get your reading fix from trusted new music sources I really dig… All the respective links mentioned within. Click away:

[title maintitle=”CLOUD DROPPINGS” subtitle=”The 6 tracks we just couldn’t leave behind”] [tabgroup layout=”vertical”] [tab title=”EMIL EVANS”]

Emil Evans, a 19-year-old South West Londoner wrote this song after he narrowly missed a bomb blast when volunteering in Thailand last August. It is one of two songs that he has released from an upcoming EP. Emil’s got that quintessential London sound akin to Only Real and the prolific bedroom producers out of the West End. He self-produces all the music and sings from his bedroom. Fun fact: the chap is half Icelandic and is an actual fan of the blog![/tab] [tab title=”BONIFACE”]

As HumanHuman puts it so well: “For his stunning debut “I Will Not Return as a Tourist”, Boniface combines just the right among of anxious songwriting, pop melodies, startling synths and momentum building rhythms.”
[/tab] [tab title=”SILK CINEMA”]

‘Say You’ll Love Me’ by Silk Cinema “will whisk you away to a starry dreamscape as some rather soulful notes glide easily over airy beats and warm synth.” as PressPlayOK so tastefully describes
[/tab] [tab title=”BIEN”]

“With a slow beat, both singers Jessie Early and Angela Lauer’s vocals sync in perfect harmony, sounding like the perfect lullaby to have inventive dreams.” Electric Dream by Bien described by HighClouds.
[/tab] [tab title=”OSCAR OSCAR”]

From our Italian friends over at Going Solo: “Second single from the Australian producer. Dreamy electronica and chill vibes.”
[/tab] [tab title=”MIQUELA”]

From Crack in The Road blog: “Heavily autotuned vocals with a near lack of humanity to them – they’re endearing pop songs at their core, yet glossed over with an air of surrealism. Still exciting though? You bet.”meet Miquela with ‘Over You’.
[/tab] [/tabgroup]


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