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Let kwame put you in a trance. He certainly suspended time for us with his aptly named song “don’t seem to know.” We don’t know too much about kwame except that he’s from Boston and has a Seuss/Lewis Carol way with music to celebrate ennui, solitude and dream states. They say music releases dopamine and kwame‘s work proves just that.

Kwame‘s experimental sound puts his music in a league of its own. Just starting with “don’t seem to know” has turned our brains into a cathedral of acoustics. The power is in kwame‘s overlapping vocals, which build up to a holistic effect that calls out to the soul. It’s a quiet but not so quiet song that affects the physical in a hazy way. Like gold reflections shimmering in a place that is supposed to be dark. Whether you’re walking alone at 3a.m. or sitting alone in a room on a Sunday night, waiting to say goodbye to the weekend, “don’t seem to know” is the perfect track for the pensive state of mind.

Keep an eye and ear out for kwame‘s upcoming EP “hey, mr. dreamer,” out Dec. 5.

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