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The mysterious and masked Elohim just released her new track “Bridge and the Wall.” Her futuristic-pop sound, from vocals to hyped beats, is signature that puts her at the top. We had the fortunate chance of seeing Elohim in San Francisco’s Rickshaw Stop when she opened for LANY, and her performance has marked her place to stay in the realm of digital music. The confidence from this L.A. artist during her live performance is not only provocative and seductive, it’s empowering and raw.

“Bridge and the Wall” blitzes through our ears and makes our body want to dance and sing a long. Elohim must’ve wrote this song with white magic because it’s a blissful ride that’s over too soon. From beginning to end, her ethereal voice is a treat. And when the chorus hits, the song marks itself as an anthem we’ll be singing all day. Like her namesake (elohim means “gods”), Elohim is a banging creator. She’s created this Wonderland of glitchy vibes, computerized voices and authenticity. Now we’re just living in it. Listen to the fresh track below.

(via: HillyDilly)

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