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As the southern hemisphere gently slides into winter and the northerners finally are seeing the end of the tunnel with warmer temperatures and a slither of daylight.

A promising R&B duo from Melbourne (Australia) named Fortunes. we had already covered twice in the past makes a triumphant return with not one, not two, not three but five. YESS FIVE! Brand spanking new tracks conveniently bundled in the just released EP titled ‘Disc Read Error’. And a cool looking video to top all of that (watch above). They’ve gone all out. And we dig the boldness here.

Fortunes. have been on our radar ever since they cut through the clutter with brilliance in the tracks titled “Bomber“, “Justin Bieber” and the head bopping “501’s”… They return today with even more to munch on and our fave so far had to be their last number “Karioi”. A soft, acoustic guitar and great lyrics to boot.

“You’d be surprised at how easy it is to get totally absorbed by the sensual crooning vocals of Connor McCabe and the no-nonsense instrumentals by the ever talented Barnaby Matthews …”

I wrote back then…

‘Disc Read Error’

out now via Future Classic.

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