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City Park checks all our boxes. Yet again on this second offering from their upcoming debut EP due out on November 9th. Like their first single “Holding Me High” the super-band / outfit City Park have mastered what makes a great track in our opinion. Simple, effective and with plenty of nooks and crannies where you can get lost in, discovering new alleyways every time you have the chance to play the tracks. 

The music recalls a late night impromptu performance in a minuscule, smoke-filled and sweaty venue with the likes of “Peter Gabriel, Blood Orange, Majid Jordan and a hint of Prince dapperness” for good measure.

With visuals and cover art by Korean artist Jiye Kim, the whole package is a sure winner and will have your shoulders bopping in rhythm while you slowly get to know the lyrics of their latest jam “On My Own”…

“On My Own” is the second single of their debut EP which will be out November 9th 2018. Keep a close eye. City Park won’t let you down.


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