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The pair of lads I’m about to follow-up on here had made blog headlines and made a promising name for themselves around a year ago with two amazing tracks : “Fearing Faces” and my personal favourite “Too Much” along with very visual music videos.

Today, after nine month of relative silence. The London based duo known as PALE have re-surfaced after a short hiatus and a stint at parenting with some exciting new single off their upcoming “The Come Back” EP. It’s a brilliant piece of quintessential alternative R&B. Have a spin. Expect some collaboration with Eyedress too to round things off nicely on this EP or even a future album. We can’t wait to hear more honestly.

[title subtitle=”The Come Back EP”]Pale – Silence[/title]

If you’re as excited as I am right now writing these few words you’ll be playing this all night to your own soulmate.”Silence” sweats effortless sensuality. It’s sounds easy too. Seriously where does that talent comes from ?

Listen to previous tracks, including “Too Much” and get the whole picture. It’s probably the best you’ll hear before long and another chance for you to win over another heart somehow.

[title subtitle=”From their Soundcloud profile”]Listen to more[/title]

[title subtitle=””]Pictures[/title]

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