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This is the debut single by . A brand new Norwegian electro-pop act based out of Copenhagen in Denmark. dropped their debut track “Underwater” to great effect and critical acclaim among music blogs in the blogosphere.

Six long years in the making they finally dropped their debut single “Underwater”. A triumph of impressively catchy vocals and subtly immersive percussions, and a splash of well thought drum lines thrown in for good measure. That’s the recipe for total success in our opinion.

Vocalist Erle Romundstad Mylius and drummer Oddbjørn Sponås have been longtime friends and it clearly shows here in the music. Each element taking equal parts in the final product.

About “Underwater”, says to Highclouds :

‘Underwater’ is our first attempt at writing what we think is a pop track. We spent quite some time together, experimenting with the synth-parts, and in the end we found ourselves in a really nice synth-space somewhere between Toto and Stranger Things.

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