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From the Russian band On-The-Go, comes “Deception”. A quality track taken from the album “November”, which will be revealed later this year. We challenge you to not like this one after the first listen. With a hint of Wild Beasts and echos of various Swede and Danish bands lightly treading on The XX musical ground if you listen carefully, On-The-Go (formed in April 2007) deliver sharp melodies, feelings, charm and harmony throughout the whole track. Anticipating their album release, you can expect to see the band playing UK festivals this Summer… and in turn, making it pretty big too. They’ve already seduced a few influential blogs around, opened for some pretty rad acts such as The Horrors or She Wants Revenge and will surely get picked up by radio stations around the world as they continue to grow and keep their sound the way they deliver. We cannot wait for the upcoming “November” album. No word on any release date yet but be sure we’ll keep you on your toes when that happens ! Feel free to listen/download “Deception” below. On-The-Go are Yury Makarychev on vocals, Maxim Makarychev on guitar/vocals, Evgeny Merkushev on keyboards/guitar, Grigorii Dobrynin behind the drums and Dmitry Midborn (Gubnitskiy) on the bass

On-The-Go – Deception

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