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Bringing bright vibes from the Sunshine State, ASTN is a 22-year-old Florida native with his own gorgeously gossamer brand of R&B-pop. With “What’s It Gonna Take”, he shows us how the right kind of musical restraint can truly turn less into more by delivering a carefully refined slow-burner that shines through its delicate emotionality, rather than through flashy production.

Watch “What’s It Gonna Take” by ASTN:

Directed by Olivia Shapiro

“What’s It Gonna Take” starts so simply that you could almost believe you’re listening to ASTN playing guitar and singing in his bedroom at some inspiring hour in the middle of the night. Feeling almost like a meditation, the first verse perfectly sets out the song’s vibe before giving way to a little extra funk and some sparse but cracking drums. “I’m the type of person that believes that if someone actually wants to be with you, they will make obvious efforts to make that happen,” ASTN says, “‘What’s It Gonna Take’ is a song about being trapped in a never-ending cycle of the second choice”.

What is it gonna take
For me, babe
To get a hold of someone
Like you

Keep an ear out for ASTN’s upcoming EP, It’s Not That Serious. Unless, of course, you don’t like dreamy guitar, satin vocals, and soulful songwriting; in which case, maybe you’re more of a book person than a music person, anyway. So, “What’s It Gonna Take” for you to get this one spinning?

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