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If it wasn’t for my colleagues at the cinema I work with, I wouldn’t have come across these crafted vocal deliveries and brilliantly penned lyrics. However, above all, I wouldn’t have known about the talent boiling beneath the two co-workers’ skin, the determination they both display and the sheer creativity they can boast. I’ve pleasantly witnessed some of their downtime antics and can assure you they are creative. Both in their early Twenties: El Hadj Karamoko and Keziah Tranlé have the energy of a nuclear plant at their disposal and aren’t shy to use 110% to achieve their goals. El Hadj is a cinematography student who directs films, short clips, and music videos as well as working at the cinema to finance and live-off of his passion. Keziah also works with us at the cinema to finance his studies. He’s also built a keen friendship with El Hadj over working hours and the pair has become somewhat inseparable.

The latest project by KEUTRU, the production company founded by El Hadj Karamoko and Nicolas Roux is a music video for a talented newcomer named Unter who’s releasing his new track “Incompréhension” in the coming days on all major platforms. But we wanted to get ahead of the curve and present you the music video here because it truly deserves a spin. The cinematography channels some stylized Tarantino camera moves and angles as well as an underlined nod to Watchmen the TV series created by Damon Lindelof. Bear in mind this is a low-budget highly creative ingenious undertaking by resourceful twenty-somethings and for that, they have my admiration.

Watch “Incompréhension” by Unter:

Directed by El Hadj Karamoko & Nicolas Roux for KEUTRU

“Incompréhension”, the track by Unter here, also boasts crude finesse in the lyrics and the vocal delivery is mature and well balanced. Starting nonchalantly with the heart-wrenching soul delivery of “Brown Baby” by Nina Simone, “Incompréhension” by newcomer Unter doesn’t shy away when he enters the picture parading with guns blazing, wearing visually charged sunglasses and menacing gloves.

The final result is a compelling music video that showcases the creative juices flowing in all the participants of the video (as shown further down in the credits). Unter and KEUTRU is a winning combo here to remain. Check them out on their social profiles and don’t forget to follow them individually too.

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