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When I first laid my ears on Mokina’s & Carbeau’s new single for 2021, the aptly named “pom” (which stands for ‘peace of mind’). I wasn’t at all in that space. More like knee-deep at work trying to play catch up on the weeks upon months of sitting still at home just listening to music. I felt strained, every workable muscle still in hibernation felt like it had been woken up far too abruptly when I got back to work suddenly.

So having Mokina’s new track “pom” help soothe some that muscle pain felt very welcome and at that particular moment, true necessity. And truth be told. I instantly felt on the way up. Along with providing much-needed carbs and proteins to the fuel tank helped greatly, I must admit.

Listen to “pom”, by Mokina x Carbeau

With summer fast approaching, bursts of spring madness already showing their face through the heavy winter curtains, Mokina’s x Carbeau’s “pom” cuts through like a beautiful live picture from a tranquil sandy beach and atmospheric weather to complete the landscape. It’s a soft approach to a new day. A Sunday morning vibe, if you will.

The new single “pom”, out on April 8th, is the second release off of their upcoming project ‘vol. 2’ due out soon. Masterfully produced by Tommaso Taddonio, a French producer, pianist, and keyboardist whose artist name is Carbeau

“It has been a very overwhelming time for so many and we just wanted to create something that people could breathe and meditate to for a couple of minutes.”

Mokina on new single “pom”.
Mokina x Carbeau - pom - sodwee.com

by Mokina x Carbeau

Out today on all platforms


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