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Ever felt like a mini-break, a holiday sipping a fresh juice or better yet, some tasty coconut milk under a perfectly shaped palm tree? Well hold on a few seconds more, we’ll be getting a few inches closer to that paradise as soon as you hit play on this bunch of tracks from Mokina. The Montréal (Quebec) artist and producer releases a three-part project in collaboration with producer Carbeau (who also happens to play the keys for The Lemon Twigs duo). Mokina has recently moved out to beautiful Portugal (in Baleal to be more specific; Facing the Atlantic Ocean) and she got inspired immediately by the surrounding beauty and rhythm flowing in the air.

Mokina‘s “Vol.1” EP does exactly what the artwork and track title suggest: transport you into a sun-kissed atmosphere, you can almost feel the sand rubbing against your butt-cheeks. Where summery vibes fill the air and hit with perfect beats and melodies. Released today, in the dead of Autumn (13th November), the EP is the perfect therapeutic remedy everyone needs right now.

“It’s a little bit like a daydream”, Mokina explains. “It’s a small project of many to come that we’ve created to teleport you somewhere warmer and filled with love.”

Listen to “Orfeu” by Mokina

Inspired by gentle bossa-nova guitars and the softness of the background beat. Mokina delivers her first lyrics sung in Portuguese. A far cry from where she started her other projects in English. As the EP unfolds into her second track titled “Ipanema”, we seamlessly dive into Brazilian influences and pay tribute to the well-known dreamy beaches of Rio De Janeiro.

However, it is with the closing track titled “Orfeu” that we believe the “study-beats” playlists will have no trouble including the track in their playlists. As the kids sing in harmony with the melody while the upbeat, organic nature of the track’s electronic instrumental flows in to portray a picture-perfect summer postcard without forgetting the almighty smart groove added by the Portuguese lyrics sung here by Mokina for her first foray into the exercise. The result will without any doubts throw you over the edge.

Mokina opens up about her move to Portugal and the comfort she has fount in people there:

“It’s a bit of an ode to the incredible community I’ve found here. The lyrics loosely translates to “in this sun, I never thought my heart could be more full, but with you there’s always room for a little more.”

I strongly suggest you go ahead and dive further into Mokina‘s output on the musical side. She already has another EP titled “Sunday” that I highly recommend for a lazy rainy weekend mood.


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