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Hoosh first caught our ear with the ultra-introspective “Living Inside” a few months back. Today, the Sudan-born, Miami-based singer-songwriter is back with more catchy-as-hell self-exploration in “Nights”, a laid back acoustic bop with sneakily potent lyrics about the vices that muddy up our pursuit of a life that’s a little more whole.

Listen to Hoosh – “Nights” below

Acoustic guitar never fails to twang my heartstrings a little, and the one driving “Nights” hits on all the right emotions. This is that kind of super simple production that lets the songwriting shine while still packing enough punches of it’s own to elevate the track beyond the lyrics and melodies. Speaking of melodies, Hoosh‘s sense of what notes are worthy of rattling around in your head shines through in spades here. Poppy in all the right ways, sombre in all the impactful ones, his vocal performance has a sort of burnt sugar raspy-sweetness to it that’s as addictive as sugar itself. If “crème brûlée vocals” ever catches on as a phrase, I want full credit.

I’m reeking of reefer and all this remorse
And I’m peaking, leaking out tequila
And some feelings that I’d rather leave alone
And I’m seeking the weekend to bury the holes

Love, love, love finding the up-and-comers who are good for a fresh vibe every time they drop a new track, and Hoosh is thoroughly killing it in that regard. Whether or not the sun’s down by you, now’s the perfect time to spin “Nights” :


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