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The last few months have been weird, with not much to do and so much to learn. On “Living Inside”, Miami’s Hoosh breaks down the struggle, self-reflection, and growth that comes with self-isolation on an inwardly honest, outwardly infectious slow jam dripping with memorable melodies and thoughtful lyrics.

“‘Living Inside’ is about spiritual growth,” Hoosh told us, “but rather than focussing on the more elating aspects of the experience, it sheds a light on the pain attached to the process”. Pain and progress both come through loud and clear in the song’s syrupy production and smooth-crooned vocals, laying the foundation for Hoosh to put his soul on the track. Honest, insightful, and straight-up catchy, “Living Inside” is everything you could hope for from a quarantine song.

They say, “damn you put in work”
Truth is I been workin’ cause it hurts
And the only thing I have left is these words

Whether you’re still stuck in the house or back out in the world, this is one you shouldn’t miss. Get it spinning, and check out some of Hoosh‘s other tracks for even more masterful vibes.


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